Elegant Art

The strikingly beautiful work of Teresa Estapé.

We entered Teresa’s workshop, and were immediately overwhelmed by beauty.

Surrounded by jewelry, installations, engraved items and various objects, her space, in the heart of Barcelona, is a meditation on details.


Her art is present in every piece, some made for Estapé, others personal items, all of which add charm to this delicate space.

Our attention was drawn to her small format pieces and their evolution from being displayed on a stand to hanging on walls.

Sometimes, I purposely look for the hard way, and so the battle with my work starts and I begin a long process that ends up with my final piece.


Before finishing a degree in Law, Teresa realized that Fine Arts was her true calling.  She began studying Fine Arts at the Facultad de Sant Jordi and later studied jewelry at Massana. Since then, she’s created a solid professional career in which she combines jewelry, installations and paper work, and turns them into artistic forms.

In this profession, I think it’s very important to know every aspect.



Within her creative process, there are different artistic actions in which there can be, or not be, a physical part.  They can be experimental pieces or compositions, or just left «as is» in their process stage.


When you’re engaged in the creative process, your brain functions differently, you view things differently. Everything inspires me: it can be anecdotes or texts I read, without filters, without deception.


We invite you to discover the history and meaning stored within the pieces of our guest artist…


Teresa, you are awesome!

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