Every córner of the Vila Maria Gabriela makes you feel as if you'e traveling through cultures. The diversity of the pieces and warm colors are the Vila's dominant components. Let's embark on a journey filled with many routes and hidden treasures. Shall we begin?

A colorful staircase, wallpapered with an exotic pattern welcomes us as we cross the frontier of the Vila’s doors. As we enter this exuberant paradise, an open hall orientates us, showing us every room in the house. Among these rooms are the dormitories, the rooftop access, the kitchen and living room.

The mosaic modernista floor guides us, pronouncing each space. On this floor, we find pieces from all over the world: furniture, textiles, art, design and personal objects. A synergy of styles and subtle details that casually combine in this urban Villa.

The owners of this multifarious dwelling have been creatively building their home over time with parts of their past and pieces of their personalities. With a baby on the way, they found the perfect excuse to acquire the Barcelonian property dated 1921.

The home begins with a pregnancy, a result of infatuation, love at first sight…


The natural light is another one of the home’s essential elements. We can enjoy the light in each bedroom, looking closely at the staircase, which they’ve preserved its original design, it takes us to the top of the house. Up here, a secret romantic garden awaits where several botanic varieties live, they form part of a new space that we will show you soon in our upcoming post (keep reading).


The sunset shines through the largest windows of the house into the main living room, the heart of the Villa Maria Gabriela, a place where the main idea is to relax and enjoy the space. A metal and wooden shelf surrounds it, in which we can find a large selection of books, objects, curiosities from all over the world. Another of the essential elements of the house are the big chairs filled with textures and neutral colors followed by a single chimney that elegantly completes the space. 

I love my living room after 23:00h.


We arrive at the end of the journey and we are in the master bedroom, where dark colors dominate the space, bringing warmth, sensuality and peace. 

The bed is my favorite place, painted in dark colors, for me is the most intimate place.

The space is completed with anonymous pieces and artwork by Edward Robbins, other pieces from Africa and Indonesia.

At the end, we find the treasure: the bathroom. We continue within pleasant darkness of its walls and the little light that slips through a window. The reflexions allow us to see the details of a brass lamp, textiles and finishings that remind us of an Indonesian cabin. If we let our imagination run wild, bathing here is like bathing in a heavenly island…

We’ll embark on this journey again…. We loved the tour! Did you?

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  • 9174781380
    enero 16, 2016

    Thankyou for this tour of the heart and soul of a families dwelling. You articulate this beautifully through storytelling and beautiful photographs. Then tie it all together by your own sense of design. Well done!

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