Carrie Van Hise: from New York to Barcelona.

We asked Carrie what inspired her when decorating her home



She tells us:

In my design work, mid-century modernism and all those elements such as wood, textures, the lines the curves, and pallets with red accents; which

reminds me of Charles and Rae Eames.  Mixes of dark and light wood, very Scandinavian elements are really the big influences for me.


Below Carrie shows us her match box collection….a collection of boxes from her favorite places in New York and Barcelona.



I like to mix modern and classics things… and lots of the classic things come from my family, like my grandmother’s painting, that I mix with more modern things such as Phillip Stark.  If I could afford it I would have more. I like to mix. I like the mix from both of my worlds… New York and Barcelona.




How did you end up coming to Barcelona from NYC? We asked her.

In NY it was all about work, and a bit of social life, of course.

I was a principal and designer at an agency, working high-level projects for my age, so I just made a break and decided that I needed to be here…

Soon I had a Spanish boyfriend. Then I met my now-husband Marcos and we are now raising our children.

I have been in Barcelona for 14 years… it’s a long time.




So, do you do think of going back to NY someday?

Well, my husband and I have discussed it…to have more balance.  I think that’s what I want to do… go back and forth, with the kids, and show them part of their identity. After all, they are half American and half Spanish!



I miss New York for sure, but I wouldn’t change my life and my family, as it is now, for anything.

More about Carrie’s work: www.vanhise.com/es


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