We introduce to you a space that, in every corner, evokes inspiration and brings to mind an art gallery.

Very specific details occupy the architecture in the 140 square meters loft, details that coexist in perfect harmony. The classical and the contemporary, sculptures and furniture, along with design pieces, shine on neutral walls and gain broader visibility due to the high walls.


Large scale photographs and the graffiti put the finishing touches on this personal and versatile space.

Every piece has a history and a sentimental value. We have a lot of Colombian art.

In the middle of the loft we find a central cubical space that encloses the kitchen, the bathroom and the dressing room. These areas  are strategically placed and barely noticeable. In the making of this project, this central part was the key to revitalizing the surrounding spaces.

The spaces surround these elements and generate different points of view, perspectives and angles that slowly reveal the apartment…


The architect and owner of this apartment, Hector Restrepo, tells us how on the previous plans two originals pillars were not included  because they were considered disruptive.  He, however, thought the two pillars should stay.

The pillars give value and underline the original construction elements.

Today, these pillars create a perfect symmetry when you observe them from the empty space between the dressing room and the study facing the kitchen.

One must live the space; it’s not just a blueprint.

The remodeling of the apartment dates back to 2003 and, according to the owners, the evolution of the space since then has been positive.


They worked with original materials like steel, stone, wood…etc.  Raw materials.  Neither finishings nor layerings were used so that  they could naturally age with time.

Steel is steel, wood is wood, that’s that, there’s no pretending, no hiding…


The sandstone paving, which is a very decorative and long-lasting material, has pores that make it more sensitive to stains which was something the owners worried about. As the years passed however, they admit that the tiled floor makes a huge difference in the apartment.

These floors give the apartment a lot of character. Since they are made of natural and ethereal materials, they suffer but profit from the inevitable passing of time.


As for the colors used, the owners chose the classic cobble stoned pattern with white stones as a neutral element. Color comes across through the furniture, the art, and other pieces that inhabit the loft.

The large windows that surround the apartment, along with the high ceilings and paved walls, are among the key elements of this New York-styled space. The materials used during the construction are neutral and original. The building’s structure has been maintained, and adds a certain value that emphasizes the space. The wide-ranging collection of artwork, carefully curated by the owners themselves, comes from around the world and adds character and a unique personality to their home.

We want to live here! How about you?


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