At first glance, contemporary artist Gloria Cañado's new piece is able to firmly grasp your attention. Its use of brush strokes can suggest silhouettes, often filled with profound reflection.

Next, we observe some of her most representative pieces:

If we look at the canvases, we’ll notice the development that both the abstract and the figurative pieces have gone through, which always reference a historical moment in time.


The artist began her journey in the classical field yet she’s always been inspired by impressionism. Now she experiments with texture and plastic materials which she can create and transform with her own hands.

Among her most representative works is Claudel 1884 or Rodin Variations, sketches that remeber the tragic love story between the French sculptor Auguste Rodin and his pupil Camile Claudel.


In her most recent work titled Perfils, she takes references from virtuosos like Josep Maria Sert and the frescos of the Vic Cathedral, René Magritte and L’Hereux Donateur, Marcel Duchamp and Les étant donnés.



This time however, Gloria isolates the emotions and the paint as a system of classical representation, and the materials and the perspective as an unconscious space where they dissolve. The Catalan artist places herself in an ideal monochromatic world where she constructs most of her work.

This is a process that drives me to deconstruct my work, it’s the key to understand where abstraction and form come together

There’s no doubt that the hands of this versatile artist evoke emotion that is projected into all of her pieces, intoxicated with mystery and endowed with her personal chiaroscuro.

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