The contemporary artist Gabriel Pereyra lives in Barcelona and creates his artwork inspired by the Classical world using pure and original materials.

What at first was a hobby in his youth, it became a profession. In his teenage years, an important painting contest in Latin America changed his life. After winning the contest, his family supported his pre-mature talent that flourished into the artist he is today.

Everything started when I had to frame paintings for a sample and did not have any frames.

With the help of his family, he improvised a restoration workshop in his garage that later on because a store open to the public.

My father who knew how to work with wood, taught me the first steps

After years of experience and success and his curiosity to evolve made him move to Barcelona where he lives today. To start again wasn’t difficult for him, his nonconformity was the motor that drove him to investigate within his profession and work with new materials, textures and formants.

Not only passionate about literature, he took the life and work of Duchamp and Picasso as a source of inspiration that made him experiment.

I’ve always searched to learn something different and literature has inspired me to take risks

Through his wife he met his business partner, with him they opened Inventory, a gallery/shop in an old textile factory in the heart of Barcelona with an exquisite selection of decorative pieces, curiosities and a framing workshop where Gabriel creates thrilling artwork and mirrors.

Our artist works with pure materials to create his frames. His style is classical and reworks it to extraordinary forms. His most known work is his cardboard frames. Discover them here.

We’d love to own them all! How about you?

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