We share our inspirations for this Christmas holidays.

Accessories and colors.

Design your centerpieces and decorations with  branches and seasonal plants, together with fruits and pinecones you can find in the mountains that provide subtle hints of color. Our recommendations are red, earth colors, green pine, also cobalt blue, ocean blue or turquoise.



We give way to other shades also present this holiday season and we let go of the shiny gold or silver tones. Alternatively you can choose a more aged color of gold or silver to give additional character to the table.

You can add some decorative pieces, not necessarily from this time of the year, for example designs of small sculptures, vases or glass and ceramic balls, etc. Another key factor to be taken into account is the finishing and order of cutlery, glasses, cups and tableware in general. The latter we advise you to be plain plates, white, off-white, or in very bright colors. Finally, the textiles for the table. These can either be more neutral or otherwise provide the dominant color, red, blue and, if you are up to it, yellow, which is so fashionable this season.


As a finishing touch, do not forget to light the candles, we recommend them to be unscented, to better enjoy the aroma of the delicious dishes that are baked during these dates.


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