Breakfast in Empordà

Drawn to its beautiful landscape, we’ve decided to go to a small town in Lower Emporia for some breakfast,

We are placed in front of the sea, in an old fisherman’s house that constitutes of two zones: the living room and the kitchen in the first floor and the resting space and balcony on the top floor. The blue tonalities dominate not just the exterior of the house but the interior as well. Old clay pieces, vintage kitchen utensils are found as well as oriental details in the artwork and in the textiles.


The doors are kept intact from its original construction. The walls and some materials like forged iron and pine wood serve as comforting elements to this small marine refuge.

In both dormitories we can find large beds with their canopies and their own bathrooms. The big surprise however, is the stunning balcony that both chambers share.



It’s hard to think of leaving this place, today we eat our breakfast in front of the Mediterranean sea…


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