Sanna and Gabriel welcome us to their home in the centre of Barcelona.

It is a true luxury to find a space that maintain its original essence, such as this great 100-square meter flat, whose owners have been designing and carefully tailoring it into a home for them and their small daughter.

In the entrance, a wall is highlighted with mirrors carved by Gabriel himself. Crafted in different shapes and styles, they serve to expand and brighten the space.

A large «rug» of modernist tiles with geometric shapes and colours ties together the many impressive rooms in this home. The original  glazed doors, stained glass and some of the beautiful ceiling details have been maintained.


A diverse color palette runs throughout the home and materials such as wood, brass, glass, cardboard and plastic, among others, make up the decorative pieces of furniture and baby toys; which contrast with the whiteness of the walls.


The space also contains Gabriel’s studio (our interview link), and entering it, is like a journey into a creative paradise.  Frames, stretchers, mock-ups and other crafty projects hang from the walls. Various sized pieces of jewelry are displayed in plain sight, offering a window into an artist’s universe.

We would gladly live here…and you?

What at first was a hobby in his youth, it became a profession. In his teenage years, an important painting contest in Latin America changed his life. After winning the contest, his family supported his pre-mature talent that flourished into the artist he is today.

Everything started when I had to frame paintings for a sample and did not have any frames.


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